• Friendship Lights Factory Store Address: 2108 West 7th Street Brooklyn NY 11223
  • Phone: 347-668-9164
  • Hours: Tue-Sunday from 10-00 am to 5-00 pm

About store

What is it?

Friendship Lights are little glowing lights that represent peace & unity. They were invented from a dream in Brooklyn, NY.
Once you activate your light, it will stay on for months at a time! It’s Always On.

The Legend of Friendship Lights

Legend has it if you make a wish upon a Friendship Light, it will come true just as Jack’s did when he created them from a dream.
A Friendship Light is a reminder that you can make your dreams come true.

Friendship Lights Apparel Collection

The Friendship Light Dreamer apparel line represents the dream in all of us to make our lives better.  We are the people in your neighborhood. Wearing a Dreamer shirt is a fun way to show the world that you are striving to make a difference in your life and those around you.


Who created it?

Jack is a Brooklyn boy, and the creator of “Friendship Lights” which has taken the streets by storm and captured the hearts of schools, movie stars, local community and charity organizations and the media.

His “Friendship Lights” give hope and promise to the lives of thousands of adults and children. He donates many of his lights and warms the hearts and captures the imagination so many people.
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