Now available Anti-bully Editions with Pledge for schools and Autism awareness. Helps with focus!

Legend has it if you wish upon a Friendship Light, it will come true. Just as mine did when I created them from a dream.

The legend of Friendship Lights began back in the early days after I had the dream that would change my life forever. I crated a prototype Friendship Light. It happpend ona ruff day in my life where things were particularly hard. All the lights in my apartment were off except for this Friendship light. I closed my eyes and made a wish. And that wish was to be able to touch lives of people who need it the most. And it came true. As time passed others told me they did what I did and made a wish, coming true as well. All the while out Friendship Lights were on, each day looking at it and thinking of our wish.

How it works

It’s based on the law of attraction. First,  pull the tab to engage the light and think of a wish, You can change it or modify it as long as the Friendship light remains on. When the light goes completely out, you finalize and make your wish.

It’s based on the Law of Attraction.

Each day as you look at your Friendship Light you think and re-evaluate your wish. And by doing so you are putting in motion and heading down the path to achieve your desire.