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I first started doing random acts of kindness by placing Friendship Lights around various locations.
A lot of people were touched and effected positively by it. Then I was contacted by my local news station,
News 12 Brooklyn. They asked is they could send a reporter out to trail me, I said sure. Here is the story:

Friendship Lights “Friend of the Friendless” program

– Amanda Plasencia, News 12 Brooklyn


Lighting Up Lives – One at a time

Featured on the Cover Page of Queens Courier’s “People making a BUZZ”
– Angy Altamirano, Queens CourierFriendship_light_queens_courier_feature











Bensonhurst Resident Distributes Friendship Lights

By Angelina Tala

Rew and Who Show Appearances

How One Person Can Change The World

– Stanley Bronstein interviews Jack, the inventor of Friendship Lights

With a Bit of Mystery and Magic, “Friendship Lights Program” Debuts at Washington Square Park

– Cathryn Swan, Washington Square Blog

Gravesend (Brooklyn) Resident Lights Up Lives

Noticed Some Lights Lying Around?

– Angelina Tala, Bensonhurst Bean

Small gestures of kindness, consideration, love, humanity, and joyfulness. Why do I say small?

– Brian Dubé, New York Daily Photo

Time Warner Cable, Aurelia Dalla Variety Show


Late Night with Johnny P show


Daily News, September 11, 2016 – Lauren Lawrence Dream Column


El Correo Spanish Newspaper


Queens Courier Newspaper – Anti Bully Article